parish missions


Steve’s schedule for parish missions is typically booked 2+ years in advance, and it’s easy to understand why. As a consummate musician and master storyteller, Steve captivates young and old alike with an inspiring message of passion and faith. This is not an event that requires the kids to go in one room, the teens to another, the adults in yet another.

In a world that is genuinely searching for hope and truth…We area called to be intentional disciples, living our faith in big and small ways, so that others desire to be a part of our community! A two or three night mission with Steve is one of the most impactful programs you can provide for your parish.

Listed below is a topical outline for Steve’s mission, as always, he is more than happy to work with your themes and goals as well:

3 nights:

1) Evangelization: Encountering God (in your Life)

Within each of us there is a deep desire to encounter God. We are “hardwired” to desire Him! Many people are waiting for some otherworldly experience in a mountaintop chapel while, as Mother Theresa always reminded us, the face of Jesus is much closer…and we often walk right by. In many ways, to encountering Jesus is simply to open our eyes and see Him in our everyday.

2) Living the Faith: Responding to the Call

What does God desire for you? Who is God calling you to be? God calls us to be holy. But often times we confuse being “holy” with being “holier than thou”. It’s the hundreds of small everyday decisions that make us holy…Not wearing Brown Robes to work(or school)! God wants you to do something extraordinary for Him that nobody else can do. If God asks, he will empower you to do it. Say YES!

3) Missionary Discipleship: Go Make a Difference!

Pope Francis challenges us to live courageously! To not simply be Disciples but to be “Missionary Disciples”. We are ALL called to live our lives in a way that makes a compelling case for Jesus Christ! The mission of every Christian is to live with joy, compassion and to be a reflection of God in a world desperately looking for God!