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Leading Us Home – Available Now!

Leading Us Home

Discover inspiring music for liturgy with this enhanced CD from Steve Angrisano, one of today’s most-loved Catholic songwriters. Leading Us Home features three new songs as well as lead sheets in PDF format for each song and is only available for a limited time.

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NEW DVD Available Now!

NEW!!! Pick up a DVD featuring some of the very best songs, stories and moments of Steve serving as Emcee of the National Catholic Youth Conference.

“NCYC offers an amazing vantage point of the passion the young church brings to our world. The joy and faith of the participants and their exuberance is awe inspiring! I know that if everyone had a chance to see what I saw, looking out from this stage…they would have a different take on the way the world views our young people, our amazing Priests and Bishops, our Catholic Faith…and, of course, all the ways that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the LIFE for us all! The opportunity to serve as Emcee of these conferences are sincerely one of the greatest experiences of my life.”

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Steve Angrisano is undoubtedly one of the most effective and versatile ministry leaders in the Church today. Those who are young (and young at heart) embrace the passionate message of faith, hope and love woven throughout his music and storytelling. Always rooted in a spirit of humility and faithfulness, Steve has a keen intuition regarding the needs of any audience and engages them with his unique blend of humor, song, story and interaction. This makes him both a natural and popular choice for diverse parish, diocesan, national and world-wide events.

A veteran musician, composer and youth minister who has been featured at 7 World Youth Days, served as Emcee for ’05 ’07 ’09 and ’11 National Catholic Youth Conference, Emcee’d the last 6 Pro Life March youth rally’s and has been featured at numerous diocesan youth conventions/conferences. Steve’s easy, honest style of ministry is born from who he is: a committed witness to the life and love of Jesus Christ.

No matter if the song is deep and moving like Welcome Home or a driving anthem calling us to discipleship like Go Make A Difference; whether the event is in an arena with tens of thousands of people, a parish mission where hundreds participate, or a weekend youth retreat with only dozens gathered, there is a consistent awareness that Steve is not just a performer. His genuine and sincere desire to bring everyone to a closer relationship with the Lord is what gives each event its own distinctive spiritual energy.

Steve’s Music Workshop is a fast paced experience featuring great new music but the focus is on the function of liturgical music and how to integrate music more effectively into the liturgy. Steve also looks in depth at how to foster a more vibrant singing, praying congregation.


Make the most of Steve’s visit to your parish or diocese. Give your dedicated staff and volunteers in pastoral, catechetical and music ministry an experience of faith and formation designed especially for them!




Steve’s Workshop for Catechists and Youth Ministers is a great spiritual boost for anyone teaching the faith but is especially geared for those working in Adolescent Catechesis. It includes highly effective practical strategies for creating strong group dynamics, incorporating experiential elements, more effective lesson planning and the power of story telling.





Youth Rallies, Conferences, Retreats and Assemblies

Steve is well known as one of the most effective communicators in the church with youth and young adults. Steve served as the emcee for the National Catholic Youth Conferences of over 20,000 young people in 2005, 2007 and 2009. His music, humor and stories reach out to even the hardest heart. His stories and witness are convincing, Catholic and unforgettable.

Parish Missions and Concerts

Whether for 3 nights during Lent or simply a one evening concert, Steve provides your parish with an unforgettable experience that focuses not on him…BUT ON YOU…the faith community. This is not a night that requires the kids to go in one room, the teens to another, the adults in yet another. This is a family faith experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. As a master storyteller, Steve captivates the young and old alike with an inspiring message of faith, hope and love.

To book Steve, visit the Contact section.


Leading Us HomeLeading Us Home

Discover inspiring music for liturgy with this enhanced CD from Steve Angrisano, one of today’s most-loved Catholic songwriters. Leading Us Home features three new songs as well as lead sheets in PDF format for each song and is only available for a limited time.

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A New DayA New Day

Inspired by the Holy Spirit and arranged to follow the ancient tradition of the Liturgy of the Hours, A New Day showcases Steve Angrisano’s profound ability to bring us to a deeper understanding of our everyday encounters with Christ—through 9 soul-stirring songsùfrom dawn till dusk.
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Welcome Home

This award winning cd features a number of favorites including Welcome Home and Mighty King. Steve’s superbly crafted songs welcome us to discover God’s kingdom in our everyday lives.

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Inescapable Love

Steve’s most collaborative album yet – songs co-written by Sarah Hart, Marc Byrd, Audrey Assad and Dwight Liles – gives life to some of the very best writing in contemporary Catholic Music.

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LIVE includes all the best elements of one of Steve’s events: terrific music, Steve’s trademark humor, banter and storytelling, heartfelt prayer, and the enthusiastic participation of his fired-up audience. It’s just like being there!

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Essential Songs: A Road-Tested Resource for Youth Ministry

Balancing exuberance and intimacy, Steve creates an atmosphere that opens hearts — and fosters conversion. How does he do it? Essential Songs: A Road-Tested Resource for Youth Ministry brings you “behind the curtain,” revealing the planning and prayer behind Steve’s powerful events. Writing in a candid, casual style, Steve says there are two things every presenter needs: transparency and craft. Built on personal prayer, transparency is allowing God to speak and work through us. Craft is the skill-set behind leading a group, telling a story and singing a song. Steve gives practical tips for developing both.
Designed for event leaders, the spiral-bound Resource Book features handy section tabs, making it easy to flip to the songs you need, and a dry-erase planning guide for your set list.

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To purchase any of Steve’s music or books, please visit his page at Spirit and Song

To purchase Steve’s DVD, pendant and other products, please visit the store


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